About Us

EndpointX is a Professional Services company with a goal of maximising the effectiveness of the Tanium platform. After deploying Tanium to over 500,000 Endpoints at 2 Global Financial Services organisations we have seen and believe in the value the platform can deliver.

Uniquely, all of our team have worked extensively on the 'client side' so we understand the challenges of deploying and managing Tanium in complex regulated environments and more importantly, how to overcome them.

We are passionate about helping businesses get the same power, 'improving their visibility', 'rationalising their toolsets', and providing real time data about their estates.

We are a small hand-picked team of experts with over 50 years of combined experience running technology in Global Financial Services organisations.

The EndpointX Team

EndpointX is an independent consultancy that focuses exclusively on Tanium. Our mission is to empower customers to transform their IT and Security Operations by maximising the uniquely powerful capabilities that the platform can provide. The company was formed in November of 2019 led by our CEO Scott, who has overseen the deployment and operation of Tanium at two of the world's largest Financial Services organisations. We're a hand-picked agile team of technology professionals with hands on Tanium skills and comprehensive client side experience of working in complex enterprise scale environments. We provide strategic consultancy, project management, and hands on engineering support for new and existing Tanium deployments.